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The Beauty Edit is proud to introduce a groundbreaking concept to the Philippine beauty scene as the country’s first beauty industry subscription website. The all-new thebeautyedit.ph redefines the beauty content landscape in the Philippines for true beauty enthusiasts, beauty editors, industry veterans, and discerning consumers with a platform that promises to deliver a beauty experience like no other.

As our name suggests, we provide an edit of compelling and essential beauty stories that we believe are worthy of our readers’ time. These articles are thoughtfully crafted into a digital journal, delivered directly to your inboxes, and published fresh on our website every weekend. All the stories are always accessible to our valued members, so they can indulge in them at their convenience.

We believe that engaging and informative content has the power to create a lasting positive impact on our audience. Through our meticulously curated beauty stories, we aim to inspire, educate, and empower readers, consumers, editors, and content creators in their beauty journey.

Our roster of some of the industry’s most trusted beauty and lifestyle journalists in the Philippines, as well as our beauty correspondents in London, New York, Paris, Australia, Hong Kong, and other key cities in the world of beauty, will provide readers articles and stories beyond the daily churn. 

Our commitment to providing top-notch content isn’t just about delivering valuable insights; it’s also about enhancing the overall experience for discerning readers. The Beauty Edit understands that navigating the vast world of beauty products and trends, treatments and procedures can be overwhelming. That’s why they’re here to guide our readers with credible information, helping them make choices that align with their unique preferences and needs.

At The Beauty Edit, we recognize the importance of trust and credibility. These fundamental principles not only define our identity but also serve as unwavering compass points that steer all our business and editorial decisions. Our dedication to delivering well-researched and expertly crafted content is not only intended to serve our audience but also to strengthen this trust from readers, partners, and industry professionals. We believe that transparency and integrity are the cornerstones of a thriving beauty community, and we are committed to upholding these values in every piece of content we create.

The Beauty Edit (thebeautyedit.ph) will always be more than a website and more than just a subscription. It is a thriving community, a membership, a destination where beauty enthusiasts and industry experts converge to explore, learn, and grow together. We are delighted to have you on this journey. 

The Beauty Edit


The Beauty Edit is a trusted source about the obsessive world of beauty. It hopes to be the irreplaceable guide to the very best in makeup, skincare, treatments, the beauty industry, and the people behind them. It is edited to be an educated take on various beauty topics with a feeling of light-hearted storytelling. It also combines the highest level of beauty reporting in a social format with appealing photographs and layouts.


The Beauty Edit’s content is tailored and curated for its discerning readers. It always aims for quality: essential information in engaging formats, captivating visuals, products and concepts that appeal to smart and tasteful beauty enthusiasts, well-written pieces, and exceptional executions.

Beyond the beauty journalist behind it, The Beauty Edit focuses on delivering editorial content that’s fun, honest, relevant, and useful for its readers. This is the gap The Beauty Edit hopes to fill when it comes to beauty in the local digital arena. 


The Beauty Edit features masstige and prestige brands and products in a tone that is approachable; and while its content may look exclusive, it is definitely not exclusionary. The Beauty Edit presents an inclusive world of luxury beauty. As a portal to the fountain of youth, The Beauty Edit will always be modern, fun, ageless, and youthful. 


The pillars that define the content of The Beauty Edit are makeup, skincare, beauty treatments, fragrance, wellness, haircare, nail care, and the people behind them and who use them, from industry experts and personalities to the women and men, the very consumers, who make the beauty world go round.

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