Tried & True: All the Skin-Nourishing Products to Discover from F-beauty Brand Pili Ani

From local to global: Thanks to its effective, skin-nourishing, and nature-derived beauty essentials, Pili Ani has made its mark in F-beauty and beyond.
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Only five years after it launched in 2016, Pili Ani became the first Filipino brand to be included in one of the most curated beauty subscription boxes in the U.S.—the Allure Beauty Box. That same year, Pili Ani also became the first Filipino beauty brand to debut on the American Home Shopping Network. Finally, having recently opened their biggest boutique locally at Mitsukoshi Mall, BGC, and with high-profile stars such as Bretman Rock and Heart Evangelista at the forefront of some of their campaigns, Pili Ani is without a doubt making waves both locally and internationally. 

But how did Pili Ani come to be? The brand’s story begins with a pili farmer named Noli, who Pili Ani co-founder Rosalina Tan bought a bottle of pili oil from. Back then, Rosalina didn’t know what to do with the pili oil. After careful research, she then learned about how the pili oil can help rejuvenate, reinvigorate, and revitalize the skin. Armed with that knowledge, and the motivation to support Noli and the agricultural community, Rosalina started buying more pili oil bottles to give as gifts to family and friends. 

As the bottles of pili oil started piling up, Rosalina’s daughter and now Pili Ani co-founder Mary Jane Tan-Ong realized the demand for—and potential of—the pili oil. She suggested investing in clinical tests to determine whether it’s worth bringing Philippine-made pili oil to both the local and global markets. In addition, Rosalina started an agricultural education program for farmers, which led to the discovery that the pili tree produces two oils—pili and elemi—which, when combined, make the holy grail of anti-aging. 

Today, Pili Ani is the only brand that uses pili and elemi oils in all of its product offerings, which range from skincare and makeup to body care and wellness. Discover the brand and check out their top products worth trying.

Pili Ani Deep Detox Volcanic Exfoliating Mask

Formulated with volcanic ash from the Mayon volcano and combined with Amazonian clay, the Deep Detox Volcanic Exfoliating Mask pulls toxins from the skin and exfoliates dead skin cells. It cleanses deep impurities and sebum, thanks to the bamboo charcoal, leaving the skin firmer and smoother. The combination of both the pili and elemi oils works to restore the skin’s hydration and bring out the skin’s natural glow.

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We love that the recommended wear time for this mask is just 3 to 5 minutes, which is perfect for those who need a quick fix. Available in 20g and 80g, the mask also comes with a small dense brush that makes the application process easier. Upon rinsing with lukewarm water, redness and tightness might be experienced, but this will subside after a few minutes. While the Deep Detox Volcanic Exfoliating Mask is specially created for those with oily and acne-prone skin, it is suitable for all skin types.

Pili Ani Deep Detox Volcanic Exfoliating Mask

P1,020, Lazada

Pili Ani Self-care Night Recovery Oil 

When Pili Ani was featured in Allure’s Beauty Box back in 2021, it was actually this product that was included in the box. The Self-care Night Recovery Oil is an antioxidant-rich evening facial oil that’s formulated with the highest concentration of pili oil. It’s also infused with soothing botanicals, helping to minimize breakouts and redness, as well as brighten and moisturize the skin. 

Applying this facial oil only requires 2 to 3 drops of the oil, which needs to be activated by heat—a simple rubbing of the palms will do the job! This is best used as the last step of one’s skincare routine. It gives intense overnight hydration—making you wake up with soft skin and a youthful, dewy glow.

A note from us: We make sure to use this whenever we need to get a picture taken the next day or before a big event! And to add an expert tip, you can also mix a drop or two of this oil into your cream moisturizer.

Pili Ani Self-care Night Recovery Oil 

P1,695, Lazada

Pili Ani Clean & Green Alco-sanitizer 

Alcohol and sanitizers are essentials, now more than ever, and Pili Ani’s take is one that shouldn’t be ignored. Infused with essential oil blends and formulated with 70 percent ethyl alcohol, the Clean & Green Alco-sanitizer is both antibacterial and moisturizing. It also comes in four variants—Classic, Rise and Shine, Stress Away, and Sweet Dreams. We think these are some of the best-smelling alco-sanitizers we’ve tried! 

Pili Ani Clean & Green Alco-sanitizer 

P425, Lazada

Pili Ani Cleansing Butter + Cleansing Oil

The newest release from Pili Ani is the Cleansing Butter + Cleansing Oil, which is already a dynamic duo to be reckoned with. This powerful duo features the Cleansing Butter—a nourishing cleansing balm with pili butter, pili oil, and virgin coconut oil, all of which are complemented by the natural power of Alteromonas ferment extract, which is ideal for purifying the skin. The other half of the duo is the Cleansing Oil, which is meant to remove eye makeup, minus the sting.

Pili Ani Cleansing Butter + Cleansing Oil

P2,085, Pili Ani

Pili Ani Mint Lip Butter & Pili Ani Tinted Lip Butters

Formulated with Pili Ani’s proprietary pili active oils, the moisturizing Lip Butters target dry, dull, cracked, and chapped lips. They are also rich in vitamin E, carotenoids, and antioxidants that nourish the lips, making them appear soft and plump. Available in Mint and seven tinted colors that range from nudes and pinks to reds and a deep purple, these Lip Butters give a demi-gloss finish and feature a velvety texture that makes application easier. And yes, you can use the tinted ones on the cheeks, too! 

Pili Ani Mint Lip Butter

P765, Lazada

Pili Ani  Tinted Lip Butters

P850, Lazada

Pili Ani Hydrating Mist

Pili Ani’s Hydrating Mist is a multitasking one—it refreshes and primes the skin, and works as a setting spray for your makeup, too. It can also act as a moisturizer if your skin needs a boost of hydration, especially on a hot day. It’s formulated with elemi oil and aloe vera, which help fight bacteria and soothe the skin. The Hydrating Mist comes in 20ml and 80ml—one for travel and one for your dresser. 

Pili Ani Hydrating Mist 

P935, Lazada
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