The Editor’s Room featuring Rejuran

Rejuran Academy aims to provide high-quality education and resources for Rejuran injectors in the country, improving patient satisfaction and treatment results.
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In this edition of The Editor’s Room featuring Rejuran, beauty enthusiasts gathered at Shangri-La the Fort in Taguig to learn all about the Rejuran Philippine Academy.

The Rejuran Philippine Academy is a comprehensive training program that is a major step forward in advancing aesthetic medicine in the Philippines, ensuring that Rejuran injectors are fully equipped to use Rejuran products effectively. This initiative follows the successful launch of Rejuran Academies in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, reflecting the growing popularity of Rejuran treatments across the region.

TritanMed Senior Vice President for Research and Development Dr. Sandy Tan and PharmaResearch Regional Manager Olivia Kim opened the event by discussing the partnership between TritanMed and PharmaResearch that made the Rejuran Academy possible. They highlighted how this collaboration combines the strengths and expertise of both organizations to provide high-quality education and resources for Rejuran dermatologist injectors in the country.

Dr. Tan then gave an insightful overview of the Rejuran Academy. He shared with us how the Academy strives to provide advanced training through a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, delivered by Master Trainers and Certified Injector Trainers. On top of that, he also explained how Philippine patients stand to benefit greatly from the program as it aims to improve patients’ satisfaction with treatments and better results overall.

Kim, along with the PharmaResearch Team Manager of Global Healthcare Marketing Chris Lee, followed with a detailed explanation of the Academy’s goals. They described the process of developing the Academy’s curriculum, selecting the Master Trainers, and how the program is designed to maintain high standards in aesthetic medicine.

Rejuran’s Global Key Opinion Leaders, Founder and Medical Director of the Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Center Dr. Michael Kim and the Vice Chairman of the Korean Association for Laser, Dermatology, and Trichology Dr. Park Hyun Jun then gave everyone a sneak peek of what to expect in their upcoming lectures at the Rejuran Academy. They discussed the topics they will cover and shared insights and success stories from their extensive experiences having Rejuran treatments done on a variety of patients.

We also got a chance to hear from three of our guests who shared their personal experiences of having Rejuran treatments done. They took us through what it was like, including the pain level and how much better their experiences were compared to some of what they’ve seen on social media, further underscoring the importance of the Academy’s mission.

With initiatives like this and as practitioners learn from industry leaders and their experiences, beauty enthusiasts seeking aesthetic solutions can look forward to safer and more effective treatments. The success stories shared during the event definitely showed how Rejuran can make a big difference, highlighting the need for ongoing learning and innovation in aesthetics. Without a doubt, the future of aesthetic medicine in the Philippines looks promising and bright.

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