The Editor’s Room featuring The Body Shop

In this edition of The Editor's Room, we discover The Body Shop’s reformulated and repackaged Tea Tree skincare line, plus, the steps the brand has taken to be environment-friendly.
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It’s a full circle moment for many of us, who grew up knowing The Body Shop as one of the brands that introduced us to rosy lip balms and the top-of-mind beauty brand when gifting for special occasions or on days when we want to reward ourselves. Our recent edition of The Editor’s Room let us into the brand and plenty of reasons to love it even more, making us proud to have supported its offerings from years back.

Two key points we gathered from The Editor’s Room: first, The Body Shop’s extensive Tea Tree skincare line, what it addresses, and how we can incorporate it into our routines; and second, its efforts in being an earth-friendly community. 

The Tea Tree line is the brand’s bestselling in the Philippines, and we’re thrilled to have been part of its relaunch as it highlights its reformulation and all-new packaging. Key skincare products in the lineup now have salicylic acid (also known as BHA), a powerful and gentle pore de-clogger that works well together with tea tree’s calming, soothing benefits.

We were also joined by respected dermatopathologist and dermatologist Dr. Mara Evangelista Huber in fun learning session that discussed important points on skincare, acne, active ingredients, formulation, and more.

“The Body Shop has renovated its number one skincare range, with a new line-up that helps people manage the impact unpredictable skin has on their lives. The formula has been significantly updated to include more naturality and efficacy and includes naturally powerful tea tree oil. The result is skin that feels purified and a visible reduction in blemishes, so you can feel in control of your skin, even on unpredictable days,” shares The Body Shop’s AVP for marketing, Emily Sia-Koa. “We know the formulas are made of top stuff but what about the packaging? We’re all about caring for the planet. That’s why we’re super proud of our skincare bottles and tubs, not only because they look great, but also because they’re made of 100% recycled plastic and are recyclable too!”

The event was made even more special with The Body Shop treating us to personalized compacts and gifts, and illustrated portraits by artist Mickey Velarde. ‘Til the next!

The Editor’s Room featuring The Body Shop at The SEA, BGC, September 2023. Videos by Dexter de Guia. Photography by Mark Ryan Alvarez. 

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