The Editor’s Room featuring Anessa

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Just when we thought Anessa’s sunscreens were already A-game, here comes a new innovation pushing the envelope. Anessa’s new Sun Dual Care Day Serum is a science-backed sunscreen that does its main job excellently while providing skincare benefits similar to skin gadgets and even treatments.

In this two-part edition of The Editor’s Room with Anessa, we were honored to have some of our dermatologist friends in an intimate roundtable, where we discussed and dissected the science and revolutionary advancements that make Anessa’s Day Serum its most innovative yet. It’s always an extra nerdy discussion with derms—we absolutely enjoyed it. We also had a very special guest, Tomo Osawa Director of Shiseido’s Asia Pacific Innovation Center in Singapore who shared inside stories on how the product came to be.

The Day Serum’s silky smooth formulation and comfortable matte finish are just the icing on the cake. What makes it extra special is its Sun Dual Care technology that makes use of the patented spirulina energy essence (think: photosynthesis!) to convert some of the sun’s harmful UV rays into red and green light (similar to light therapy) or what it calls “beauty beams” to provide additional smoothening, nourishing, hydrating skin benefits. 

Up next was another session, this time, with our friends from the media and beauty influencers. Everyone found the Day Serum to be very cosmetically elegant, of course on top of truly delivering on the protection aspect with all the tech Anessa is known for—its veil gets stronger in water, heat, humidity, and sweat. And now, if we may say, it even goes beyond its call of duty as a Sun Serum! 

The Editor’s Room featuring Anessa at the Gallery by Chele, Taguig, July 2023. Videos by Dexter de Guia. Photography by Pau Guevarra. 

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