The Editor’s Room featuring ARTDECO

It was a fun-filled morning hosting a makeup masterclass and introducing ARTDECO to a beauty-savvy set.
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In this edition of The Editor’s Room, we gathered makeup mavens at Three Squares Cafe + Bar for a special morning with the renowned German makeup brand ARTDECO. Guests learned firsthand about ARTDECO’s dedication to making every individual feel beautiful and its commitment to providing affordable luxury. A makeup masterclass led by ARTDECO head trainer and international makeup artist Macedonio Bezerra made the session extra special as we all learned fresh insights and tips about makeup and application.

For decades, ARTDECO has been a trailblazer in the cosmetics industry and has earned a coveted spot in the makeup bags of professionals and beauty enthusiasts because of its diverse range and unique approach to creating beauty products. One of ARTDECO’s signature features is its refillable system, empowering users to make sustainable choices with their refillable and customizable products while giving them the freedom to mix and match at the same time. And despite its high-quality formulations, ARTDECO remains accessible to a wide range of users, ensuring everyone can enjoy premium cosmetics without breaking the bank.

ARTDECO Sales Director for APAC Jackie Cheng shared exclusive insights into ARTDECO’s universal appeal, despite the brand originating from Germany, and emphasized its adaptability to diverse cultures and beauty preferences. Cheng also highlighted what makes ARTDECO a great choice for Filipinos, delving into ARTDECO’s products that were crafted specially for the Asia-Pacific region to make their products more inclusive.

At the heart of the event was a captivating makeup demo led by Macedonio “Mace” Bezerra, who showed us how to achieve a trendy summer look using ARTDECO essentials. As he shared some valuable makeup tips and tricks, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement and learning as he interacted with the guests, answering questions and providing personalized advice. But beyond that, Bezerra demonstrated how makeup transcends mere application and evolves into an expression of individuality and creativity.

From trying on shades to delving into the ethos that defines ARTDECO, it was an enjoyable, insightful morning with friends and beauty fanatics. As the event came to a close, guests carried with them not just makeup tips and product favorites, but a deeper appreciation for the artistry and innovation behind ARTDECO.

THE EDITOR’S ROOM FEATURING artdeco AT three squares cafe + bar, Makati, APRIL 2024. PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mark Alvarez.

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